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This weekend sucked.  How’s that for a great introductory sentence?

Tucker was in Millington at Drill and Cara and I were at home.  For some reason, him leaving on Friday night really had an affect on me and Cara seemed to be more affected than last time.  To keep from moping around the house all Saturday, I drove down to Little Rock to see my ex-step-mom.  And now that I type that I’m wondering if I should explain.  Oh what the hell.

My dad married my mom and then they adopted me.  My dad showed his true crazy colors and Mom and Dad got a divorce.  Years pass.  Mom gets remarried and divorced and Dad gets remarried, has two kids, and then lets his craziness show again.  Cue second divorce.  Quick and dirty explanation just for you.

Ever since they got a divorce, I’ve gotten along famously with my step-mom [Dottie].  My dad isn’t around all of the time to play us against each other and that’s a very nice thing.

I didn’t feel the need to call my dad and tell him that I was coming to Little Rock.  My baby shower was on the 28th of June and I haven’t talked to him since the 26th of June…when I called him to see if he was going to show up.  He said that he would and then he no call/no showed on me.  I left him a message about a week later and he never called me back.

SO, Cara and I showed up after my dad had picked the kids up for their weekend and Cara had a grand ole time tearing apart Dottie’s living room.  Dottie’s kids called her a total of seven times before Dad brought them home.  Seven times in a one hour period.  They were miserable and bored and wanted to come home.  Dad had no idea that I was there until he pulled into the driveway.  He was a tad surprised to see me there.

Of course Dad acted VERY happy to see Cara and me and suprisingly enough, Cara went right to him.  After maybe two minutes he left and we had lunch.

On my way out of town [as I was sitting in Starbucks line] I called Dad and he spent the five minutes telling me how much he had missed me and how “perfect and healthy and beautiful” Cara looked.  Honestly, it was a bit creepy.

I sarcastically thanked him for calling me back and he said that he had thought about me every day and had been meaning to call me.  Normally, I would have swept it under the rug and just let it drop but I really didn’t feel like playing nice.  I flat out told him that it was rude to not return people’s phone calls and that I didn’t appreciate him being rude to me.  The “visit” ended and Cara and I drove home.

Fun times.

Tucker got home Sunday night and a new week begins.  Hope it doesn’t suck.


  1. Yowza, that’s some weekend! And I thought I had me some family drama going. I hope your week gets better 😉

    autumn dahlias last blog post..Weekend Wrapup – Mucho Mojito Madness

  2. Hollyn says:

    Sorry your dad was being a douche. It’s pretty much par for the course, though…

    Did you have fun with your step-sibs and Dottie? That must’ve been good times.

    This week will be better!

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