F U Fridays

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Who really wants to read nothing but bitching all day, every day?  I know that I don’t and furthermore, I don’t like writing it.  But, as an angry pregnant woman, I can’t seem to help myself.

I’m sure that once this pregnancy has run its course, I will blame my bitching on being an angry mom to a newborn and toddler which will eventually lead to me blaming my bitching on being the angry mom to two kids under four.

Do you see a trend?

I’m going to attempt a mid-summer resolution of sorts here – for you and for me.  I resolve to try and keep my bitching to a minimum during the week.  I’m sure the occasional time-sensitive gripe will be necessary.  However, on the whole I intend to reserve Fridays for the REAL gripe sessions.

Hence the bear.

I’m sure you can guess what the “F” and the “U” mean [kinda obvious] but I figured that maybe if I didn’t spell it out [literally] then the adorableness of the pink bear might overwhelm your readers so that they don’t get too offended by Mr. Bear’s “naughty” finger and its true meaning.

Then again, if you’re putting “Mr. Bear” on your blog then I doubt your readers will be too offended by much of what you write.

I digress.

Feel free to add the above button to your sidebar and use and abuse him as an excuse to truly let your gripes be known.  But, try and corral said gripes to [mainly] Friday and then let them go.  Since it’s really LATE on Friday, I’m gonna put this up tonight and let ya chew on it tomorrow.

Happy bitching!


  1. I am afraid that the majority of my blog is bitching and I don’t have the excuse of pregnancy. So I would have to be F U every freaking day. That’ll work right?

    Kelleys last blog post..Party, par-tay and my husband thinks I am awesome.

  2. oooo i will def be joining in next Friday and for many fridays to follow!! maybe i can hold out all week and just let lose on friday lol

    missygreenthumbs last blog post..Friday Feast on Saturday morning

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