ADD or Stream of Consciousness

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Today is a study in ADD.

You have no idea what I’m talking about so I shall explain.

This morning my mom called and asked Cara and me to breakfast – Cracker Barrel.  [Give me a break, ok?  This is the South and it’s a law that you must eat at Cracker Barrel at least once a week.]  We ate, we talked, we had a generally pleasant time.  Since I had an OB appointment today, Mom offered to keep Cara.


Well, I’ve been child free for about an hour now and I should have gotten a shit ton done but I haven’t.  Glenn Beck was talking to Ty Pennington about them both having ADD and that twenty minute period just cracked me the hell up.  It was a fast paced conversation and I followed every single minute of it and LOVED it.  Beck mentioned how he feels that his ADD is responsible for a lot of his success in business since he’s able to manage so many things at once.

Interesting thought.

A glaring downside to ADD is the fact that you [and I mean me] never finish a damn thing.  Not tasks or jobs or sentences.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been telling a story or explaining something and then I’ll totally take a different direction and if I’m lucky, I might remember twenty minutes later that I never finished the first story.

That’s damn embarrasing.

I’m better when I’m pregnant but I still get wonky sometimes and Tucker just shakes his head at me.  Poor Tucker.

Hmm…did I finish the part about this being a study in ADD?  Back to that I guess.

I was editing a photo in Photoshop right before I left for breakfast.  When I came back, I was utterly lost cause I couldn’t figure out what I had been doing with the photo.  Also, I the stupid Glenn Beck interview thing caught my attention and got me off of the post that I was going to write.  SO, I started looking for an image for this post which led to me looking at stock images for my Twitter account.


An hour later, I’m finally typing this post.  Proud?  Me too.

I’m gonna appologize in advance here and tell you that I’m not going to go back and reread/edit this post.  Normally, I copy edit it cause I’m pretty damn anal like that but not today, folks.

I guess today is actually a study in stream of consciousness.

*Note – I scanned this and the only thing that bothered me was whether or not “shit ton” was a compound word or not.  I got two different answers so I left it as is.*