F U Friday

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This week has been a pretty good week.  I was able to write a “positive” post yesterday and was somewhat concerned that F U Friday was going to be dead before it even had a chance to start.

I was wrong.

Since yesterday was a list and I LOVE lists I’ll make this one a list as well.

Middle finger to you all:

Next door neighbor guy – I understand that you’re going through a divorce but is it really necessary to have FOUR cars parked here?  Isn’t one huge SUV enough?  Escalade, Mercedes, Yukon Denali, and then your girlfriends crap-ass Montecarlo…is it too much to ask that you pick ONE CAR and not take up four parking spaces?

People who chain their dogs – While I get that not everyone wants their dog inside with them, the dog should at least be in a fenced yard.  Dogs are social animals that don’t do well with being secluded from their humans and they get damn agressive.  Do your dog, yourself and your neighbors a favor and stop chaining your dog.

Please don’t touch my stomach.  I don’t touch yours so why do you feel the need to reach your hand out and invade my personal space?  Chances are really good that even if you’re family, I still don’t want you to touch my stomach.  If I offer, that’s one thing.  But, I’m probably not going to offer.  Next time you feel the overwhelming urge to place your hand on my stomach, sit on your fucking hands!

DEERS and TriCare – Up until a couple of months ago, I didn’t have a bad thing to say about you guys.  And then, Tucker got off of Active Duty and switched to Active Reserves.  There was a month’s worth of gap between when our first insurance died and the new insurance kicked in.  I was concerned about that BUT you guys assured me the new insurance would go back and cover anything back to thirty days from the time the new insurance started.  You lied.  May WAS NOT covered.  So, we had to pay for my OB appointment.  I appreciate that the manager who lied to me was fired, but that still doesn’t put that money back in my pocket.

DEEP cleansing breaths.  I feel better now.  Don’t you want to feel better too?

Join in on the venting and clear the air so that you can get on with your weekend.

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  1. I can relate on the stomach thing. I HATED for people to touch my stomach when I was PG. It got to the point where DH would stop someone mid touch so that I would not verbally punch them in the goodies. Just because I am pregnant does not give people the go ahead to feel me up.

  2. I hated the belly patting when I was pg. it got to the point where I just reached out and patted them right back. People stopped patting me very quickly after that.

  3. I started to deal with family touching the belly, but stragers pissed me off. On the elevator?? At the mall? 👿

  4. Ok, I’m so going to do this. what a great way to celebrate Friday.
    BTW, I don’t know if you meme or don’t meme, but I’m tagging you.

    followthatdogs last blog post..Badge of Dishonor

  5. I stole a German Shepherd from a family down the street because they had him chained up all day every day. I don’t play that chain ’em up and leave ’em bull.

    I absolutely adore you for flipping them off.

    Marias last blog post..“Would you still love me if…

  6. Let it all out!!

    Mommy Crackeds last blog post..Big Decisions

  7. FU too!

    I checked out your blogin IE6, 7 and FF and it looks really good! Mad props to you lady!!

  8. I had the same thing happen to me with Tricare! Every time I called them to fix it they told me to call DEERS. When I called the DEERS idiots, they told me to call the morons at Tricare! Argh! I’ve certainly enjoyed your blog! I’ll be back!

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