Six Random Things

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Six random things about me since Follow That Dog asked.

  1. I spend about twelve hours a day on the computer and most of that is spent working.
  2. Right now is the only time that I’ve ever enjoyed wearing a swimsuit.
  3. I feed my child still frozen blueberries every morning because she is obsessed with them.
  4. I miss riding horses.
  5. I LOVE to cook but HATE doing dishes.
  6. I really dislike that people are scared of my dog.  She’s scared of Chihuahuas for Christ sake! [I had to Google how to spell chihuahua.]

There.  Six [actually seven] absolutely random things about me.  I shant tag anyone because I don’t play fair, but, if you just really feel the need, I guess you could post six random things about yourself for fun.

And make sure you use commas as freely as I have.


  1. Okey dokey. Will do. I was lacking inspiration, anyway.
    And your Randy Pausch post? Wow. Made me a little weepy, too.
    Adding you to my RSS…

    lauries last blog post..a very good man

  2. Thanks! I hate people who are instantly afraid of my dog because she is a pit bull. The biggest thing they have to fear from her is that she’ll push them out of bed to get their warm spot under the blankets. Still, people are dumb.

    followthatdogs last blog post..Kids say the cutest things…and a lot of other stuff

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