Bloody Dream

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I had one of those crazy hormone induced pregnancy dreams last night.  This is new territory for me since I haven’t ever been one to have the three headed baby dreams or the dreams where I give birth to a cat or anything weird like that.

[The only “strange” dream I can remember from my pregnancy with Cara was one where I dreamed that she had amber colored eyes and was a she.  I was kind of right; Cara did end up being a girl but she had blue eyes, not amber.  I was close though…right?]

Last night’s dream was one of those where you’re in a building/location where you have no business being; I was in my ex-step father’s house [the one I grew up in] and was making dinner.  Somehow I knew that I was bleeding and I had to call the hospital to let them know.

The big deal during this entire dream wasn’t that I was bleeding [though I was rather annoyed since I’m only 34 wks].  The big deal was that I was having to SPELL the name of the hospital to the idiot on the phone and she kept interrupting me.  I can distinctly remember thinking to myself [during my dream, mind you] that I even have to deal with stupid people in my dreams.  I also remember being in pain and when I woke up, my stomach was all hard and obnoxiously uncomfortable so I can only assume that I was having contractions in real life and simultaneously dreaming about them.  I really don’t think that’s very fair.

I guess that the stupid lady on the phone was the “important point” of the dream since I don’t remember having Oliver or going to the hospital or anything else that would normally follow the discovery that a very pregnant chick is bleeding.

In unrelated news, my genius husband got an A and a B in his two ridiculously boring marketing classes.  I can call them boring with a very large amount of authority since I had to copy edit his four projects and almost clawed out my eyes while doing it.  But, YAY Tucker for making good grades!