She Works Hard for the Money

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I am not an economic genius; I am a writer.  [I also like to state the obvious and use brackets a lot.]

The obvious having been stated, I do know that the economy sucks ass right now.  Gas prices are at an all-time high, food prices are through the roof and the mei-tai that I want costs like $100.

So, in an effort to help people [specifically bloggers] out, Kristen has started the “Blog the Recession” dealio.

The gist of the idea is to get your freakin’ nose out of your feed readers and actually click over to the blogs that you so dutifully read.  Maybe even click on a couple of internal links and check out more than one page within the blog.  That way, the blogger who you know and love will get increased page views and thus increased ad revenue.

Don’t think of this as padding a blogger’s pocket.

Think of this as a bloggy stimulus package of sorts.