Vote St. Louis!

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Vote St. Louis so that I’ll only have a 4.5 hour drive next year with my pissed off husband, pissed off toddler and pissed off infant.

Click here to vote!

Here are the voting results in order from lowest number of votes to highest:

Omaha – 26

Las Vegas – 52

San Fransisco Bay Area – 71

Southern California – 92

Seattle – 108

Atlanta – 159

Austin – 162

Denver – 166

New York – 187

St. Louis – 216

Portland – 279

Philly – 291

The choice in cities has been narrowed down to the top three cities: St. Louis, Portland and Philly.Β  So, now the powers that be at BlogHer will figure out where they can find all of the amenities that they need on the dates that they need and at the price that they need.

Keep your fingers crossed that St. Louis rocks it on all accounts.