F U Friday

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Friday, glorious Friday!

Actually, I don’t have that unnatural love/devotion for Friday any longer since I stay at home with Cara.  Don’t get me wrong, Fridays are fine but it’s not like I get to leave “the office” for the weekend and come back on Monday.  I’m rambling now aren’t I?


It’s Fuck You Friday!  Yippee!

Now for the list:

Oscar the Cat – We have clothes in our bedroom that are on the floor.  They’re in the general vicinity of the clothes hamper but a good quantity of the clothes have migrated and are leaving the reservation.  Oscar, being the ass he is, likes to pee on those clothes.  Picking up a shirt out of the floor and finding that it smells of cat piss is not a pleasant way to start the day.  This weekend the clothes will be washed.  The clothes will be put away.  If this cat pisses on another fucking thing then I will be down one animal and the proud new owner of a cat skin hat.

Tucker – He’s on his way to the river right now to play with his dad, brother-in-law and a family friend.  Meanwhile, I’m stuck at home with a toddler, dog and cat.  Not to mention clothes that smell of cat pee.  I guess I’m not totally pissed at him since he hasn’t gotten to go camping in several years.  BUT, I can still bitch about him being gone.  I’m a chick; that’s my job.

Bacon – This is a love/hate gripe.  I have been craving nothing but protein this pregnancy.  [It’s not my fault says this press release.]  Steak, bacon, sausage, pork chops…if it’s animal protein then I’m probably gonna want to eat it.  Wait.  I have my limits.  No beef liver or tongue or tripe.  No chicken gizzards.  No pig testicles.  No pork rinds.  No horse or dog or cat.  Now that I’ve started listing stuff I’m afraid that I’m going to miss something.  Can’t stop rambling!  The point is that while I LOVE bacon, I’m getting tired of thinking of it all of the time.  [Why couldn’t I have just said that to begin with?!]

Internet Drama – Seriously?  Come on guys.  I know that it is inevitable.  Blogging and writing in general is going to cause “issues” since honest opinions are written and people get offended – sometimes rightly so and sometimes because they’re being big fucking babies and looking for something to be angry about.  Along those lines, why feed the drama?  Rarely is the issue as big as it’s made out to be but everyone seems to feel the need to jump on the drama bandwagon and get their name associated with it; they have to be “in the know” so that they can feel important.  In the interests of avoiding internet drama of my own creation, I’m not talking about anyone in particular here as the drama seems to be rather cyclic.  BROAD generalizations are being used here.

Feel free to add Mr. Bear to your F U Friday post. He likes being shared.


  1. Speaking of cats….I had to kick mine out of the house for peeing on the comforter and all over the house. I thought I loved cats but not so sure anymore!

    EmilyJamess last blog post..Noah’s Ark Project

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