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She's trying to move the bed.

Cara got a toddler bed yesterday.

As you can see from the picture, her crib is still up.  I figured I was doing good by just getting the toddler bed put together.  Actually, I was a fucking rockstar!

That bed has eight slats.  Each one of those slats has a peg on each end of the slat.  Each of those pegs must go in both sides of the bed…at the SAME time!  By the time I got that stupid bed together, I would have sooner thrown it than looked at it.  BUT, the bed was/is a very nice gift from Cara’s grandparents and aunt so it would have been just a bit rude to wreck the nice bed.

I am not going to blow smoke up your skirt.  I was expecting a horrendous night.  I was expecting a VERY pissed off Cara and figured that the night would end with a very pissed off momma.  But I was wrong and very happily so.

Once the bed was put together and songs were sung, I told Cara that it was time for bed.  I tried to keep things just like normal and tried to ignore the nagging part of my brain that kept reminding me that Cara would now be able to get out of bed and wreak havoc upon the world.

The reality was Cara messing with the doorknob until I told her to get back into bed.  I could hear a very muffled scream [she was probably screaming into her pillow] and within ten minutes I didn’t hear anything more.  She woke up sometime around 5am but passed back out in about five minutes.  Since we were supposed to go eat breakfast at 8 am, she decided to not wake up until 7:45.  Oh well…I’m just happy that it didn’t take four hours for her to go to bed.

In related news, Sophie enjoys Cara’s new bed as well.


  1. Cute! Congrats on it going well!

    Will keep my fingers crossed for ya!

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  2. I am glad that it went so well!!

  3. You are a rockstar! I think Sophie agrees~

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  4. I love that the dog thinks the bed is for her. So cute.

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