Can’t Beat Cheap with a Stick

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Our “baby plan” is that Oliver is going to stay in our room till he outgrows the bassinet part of our pack-n-play and then he’ll move into Cara’s room.  [Can’t wait for that mayhem.]

Since Oliver won’t be using the crib for a while, we weren’t in any hurry to get any sort of crib bedding and had actually planned on just tossing on a crib sheet and calling it good.  But, when we see cheap, we just can’t pass it up.

We were at Target [huge shocker] a couple of days ago and Tucker stumbled up on this Dwell crib set for $19.99.  It had been going for $90 at our Target and there were literally five red “markdown” stickers on the outside of the bag.

The crib set was MEANT to be ours.  It was fated and stuff.

You can’t beat cheap with a stick.

I’m adding this post to the group of great posts over at Parent Bloggers for their Couponers.com Blog Blast about great deals.  [Just thought you’d like to know.]


  1. I was TOTALLY just going to message you and tell you that I saw this set at Target on uber-sale!! I’m glad you got it!

  2. Excellent find. They just opened a super target nearby and it has been super packed everyday. No major sales yet. You can bet that I am waiting.

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  3. Our crib is in NJ so not sure if we want to have it shipped as it’s a pain in the ass to do! I have a bassinet coming our way so that gives me some time to deal with the crib situation.

    you should be on my blogroll…i gotta check!

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  4. Ahhh….the good “ole'” 🙄 days when the kids didn’t know everything! 🙂 Nice site!

    Mark Salinass last blog post..The Linkster….

  5. Holy crap that’s cute. I love Target so much. My life was so empty til it came along.

  6. I was eyeing that set up myself, but didn’t see a whole one. That, is indeed, a great deal… And about what I’d pay on a crib set 🙂

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  7. Awesome deal! I wish we had a Target!

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