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I’m on my way out the door to head to Little Rock but I wanted to leave you with a look at my hair this morning.

The pregnancy hormones have calmed down a bit and after I got to mess with the hair a little bit, I don’t absolutely hate it like I did.  It’s still not anywhere close to what I was wanting but there’s not a damn thing I can do about it right now.

So, have a great Saturday and don’t laugh too hard at the “butchered” photo.


  1. hi! so, i saw your “butchered” link on twitter yesterday (i have never liked how stylists do my short hair either- i always go home and fix it myself), and then today’s shot…
    WOW. i really like it, it’s beautiful!

    i know nobody can say anything to make you feel better about a cut that you don’t like (been there a few times myself) but from a completely objective standpoint –
    it’s awesome!


    have a great weekend!
    – chanelle

    iamchanelles last blog post..FREEbie!

  2. MUCH better. See … you know how your hair likes to be styled.

    You also look much more relaxed … maybe its going away for the day. Enjoy! :mrgreen:

    SharonOs last blog post..The road runs both ways

  3. It’s cute! OK, now you still have to puke for me cause your things fixed and mine’s still broke 💡

    autumn dahlias last blog post..Photostory Friday – Something Pho You

  4. But see…you have such beautiful features that you could be bald and you’d still be beautiful! I like how you styled it today. Seriously, short hair works on you. I wish I could pull it off!

    Mommy Crackeds last blog post..My Bad.

  5. This haircut shows off your beautiful eyes and flawless complexion! Get a little goop in there and rock it out when you feel the urge. That’s the beauty of the short do – the rock-out-ability of them!

    Amys last blog post..Token August Post

  6. I am really really loving this pageboy you’re rocking! Your face is just too pretty to be covered up. I’m having Amy hair envy again. SIGH.

  7. Oh! I hadn’t seen this pic! It looks waaaayyy better than the one in your car. I kinda like it. 😉

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