Henry the Snake

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Henry the Sinaloan Milk Snake


  1. Awesome photo, but it seriously creeps me out.

    photomommys last blog post..Happy Birthday, Sweetie!

  2. Great shot. It really is amazing that something can naturally be such vivid colors.

  3. Oh WOW !I cold not hold that!!

    mrsmoguls last blog post..I could name her Zuma but she might hate me

  4. i used to love snakes when i was young, um, not now! happy WW!

  5. nice shot!!but wow!!very courageous to hold that snake:-)

    janeses last blog post..Nouveau Diaporama : passez le popcorn !

  6. Very colorful little critter there!

  7. pretty as far as snakes go but still….yuk!

    Tuesdays last blog post..Doing What We Can

  8. Wonderful photo! It’s so sharp and clear. The snake is so neat!

    Alisha @ Izzy N’ Emmys last blog post..SEW/WW- Sunset In The Park

  9. just threw up in my mouth a little. scary…:shock:

    that girls last blog post..Giveaway: Because it’s not always “About Me”

  10. 😯 EEEEK! Beautiful Snake though! happy WW!

    Heather Bs last blog post..CURRENT CONTESTS AT MOMDOT

  11. wonderful looking snake but I am not one to hold a snake

  12. Henry is getting HUGE! I remember when he was a little bigger than a pencil and could only eat thawed pinkies… The little man is growing up!

  13. Oooo, he’s a beauty. I happen to like snakes. By like, I mean they fascinate me. I wouldn’t want a pet one, but if I find one out in the wild I like to look at, pickup, and play with them. We saw a small copperhead on our walk last night and I wanted to stop and observe from a safe distance. My husband practically grabbed my arm to drag me along and away from the snake. lol


  1. Amy Tucker says:

    Nothing's wrong w/Henry. He just needs a family that doesn't have kids who *really* like to LOVE him quite so much. http://bit.ly/7QTdnP

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