What’s In the Cup is More Important

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At least it's not Dora.

Cara LOVES yogurt.  Not just a little bit.  Cara loves yogurt like a junky loves his next fix.

She’s become just a tad bit independent in her old age and has started insisting that she feed herself the yogurt.  Since she was eating the adult Yoplait that I eat, the stuff would always end up more ON her than IN her and it would take like 30 minutes for her to eat that tiny container of sticky goodness.

I finally resorted to mixing the yogurt with milk and making a bastardized version of a smoothie.  [yogurt + milk + sippy cup + shake like hell = smoothie.]

The only problem with this was that the fruit pieces would get stuck in the valve of her cups and clog it up and then Cara would get pissed and chuck the cup at the dog and that’s just not very nice.

Oh, good lord…I’m rambling.

I’m supposed to be reviewing Yoplait Kids for Parent Bloggers Network.  Must focus.

To put it simply, the things that I don’t like about adult Yoplait I like about Yoplait Kids.

The texture is thicker than the adult version and the yogurt isn’t as sweet.  Tucker didn’t particularly enjoy the taste, but Cara couldn’t tell a difference and that’s what really matters.

There aren’t fruit chunks in Yoplait Kids so you don’t have to worry about your tot choking or worry about the fruit clogging up any valves and such.

I got the Mixed Berry Smoothies for Cara and since she drank them too quickly, I “diluted” one in her cup with some milk and she liked it just fine.  No clogged valves.

My only complaint with Yoplait Kids are the cartoon characters and specifically Dora [because she’s SATAN] but I realize that Yoplait isn’t marketing to me; they’re marketing to my kid.  And, I figure if my only complaint is about what’s on the OUTSIDE of the container and not what’s on the INSIDE then Yoplait did a pretty good job.

A little side note here – Parent Bloggers sent me a butt load of coupons that I was going to give away but Tucker threw the coupons away.  Yeah…like $8 worth of coupons in the trash and I didn’t find out about it until like three days past trash day.  [Thanks, Tucker.]

I also had this cool Yoplait cooler and flash card combo that I was going to give away.  BUT, guess what?  Tucker already gave them away.  [I’m hiding my giveaway stuff from now on.]

And one other thing.  While I might not be able to give you free coupons, Yoplait will if you go here. [$1.50 off!]


  1. G-tot loves the Yoplait Thick & Creamy yogurt. I never thought about making a quasi-smoothie out of it. Not a bad idea considering the kid LOVES to drink.

    *pixie*s last blog post..new music wanted—help!

  2. Gosh, never ever thought about mixing the yogurt with milk and putting in her cup. She hates milk and never drinks it. This way, she’d be getting milk and not even know it. Awesome. Thanks! :mrgreen:

    Devons last blog post..Ouch

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