I Put Off Labor for That?!

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It wasn’t really THAT bad.

Hmm…maybe it was.

Actually, anytime the military is involved in “mandatory fun” you end up with much less fun than one would expect.

We got to Memphis around 3 or something and stopped by Babysrus before we went to check into our hotel.  Cara got a rather cute potty [never thought I’d type those words] that doesn’t make any noise and it adorned by NO cartoon characters.

I got a new Boppy since my other two were trashed before we moved.  Those babies can only take so much washing and boob milk before they just aren’t like they used to be.

Judging by Tucker’s odd look, I have to assume that I was just a tad bit too excited by the fact that the standard Boppy comes with a removable cover.  When I bought my other Boppys like two years ago, if you bought a Boppy that wasn’t a nekkid Boppy then you were stuck with whatever covering came on the Boppy.  If you wanted to add a slip-cover then you better make sure that either your Boppy’s original pattern was fairly light or that your slip-cover was REALLY dark or you’d see the under pattern.

[Where was my point?  I know I had it around here somewhere…]

Oh yeah…the Boppy’s aren’t like that anymore.  Just thought you’d like to know.

So we got to the hotel to check in and they had put us on the second floor.  Tucker requested a floor level room.  But, they didn’t “have any available”.  Tucker schlepped our stuff upstairs and we settled in.  And my contractions started.

Like five minute apart contractions.

But they felt like mild menstrual cramps and after about two hours they went away.  We had pizza.  We watched cable [!!!!] and then went to bed.


We TRIED to go to bed.

Even though there were two queen sized beds in the room, we decided to put Cara between us.  Cara hasn’t slept between us since she was about four months old.

We turned everything off at 8 pm.  Around 9 pm, I got in the other bed and left Cara and Tucker to fight it out since I was being kicked in a contracting uterus.

By midnight I had had enough.

I moved my pillow to Tucker’s bed and moved all of Cara’s shit to the bed where I was “sleeping” and told her to lay her head down and to “not get OFF THAT BED”.  Within ten minutes the little shit was asleep.

We woke up at 6 am to a cold shower with water that felt like needles.

When we were making our way to the SUV, I noticed that the three rooms below us were unoccupied and they had been since we checked in the previous day.  I just had to add that since it really pissed me off that they wouldn’t move someone who hadn’t checked in yet.

I shant bore you further with the exciting details of Saturday since they weren’t exactly exciting but Cara didn’t get a nap and she was VERY tired.  We had to be there at 7 am and we didn’t get to leave until 16:30.

They wanted it to be “Family Day” but expected everyone to continue to act like it was a normal day with a couple of dunk tanks and hot dogs thrown in.

But, at least I had cable news and cable and did I mention that I had cable?  AND, I got to eat a KICK ASS ribeye with awesome grilled veggies while I watched cable.  And, Cara was tossed into the adjacent bed to begin with and was asleep within an hour.

Then more contractions and a tiny bit of bloody show.

No child yet, though.

I have informed him that he’s free to make an entrance anytime between now and the 26th of September.

Honestly though, this weekend was totally worth it.  We got away for a while.  Cara got some RAWKIN skull PJs and I got to watch cable.

I love cable.


  1. So glad you got to watch cable!! 😀 And there was no little entrance! It would be really cool if the little bundle of joy would come on Saturday…it is my little ones 3rd b-day!! LOL

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  2. So glad you got to watch cable! :mrgreen:

    Devons last blog post..Not today, or tomorrow for that matter

  3. We love cable! yay for cable!

    Where is this baby??? (No pressure, though!) 😉

    VDogs last blog post..I Love the 80’s

    • I’ll give you the play by play on my appointment today in tomorrow’s post…and tell you about my possessed TV.


  1. Amy Tucker says:

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