Leave It to a Toddler to Make You Feel Like…

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a complete and total douche bag.

Tucker put Cara down for her nap.  I was in our bedroom talking my mom down from a nervous attack concerning her phone going dead and her missing “THE CALL” aka I’ve gone into labor.  Apparently Mom doesn’t realize that she has just a tiny bit of time to get over here when I actually go into labor.

Anyway, Tucker put the kid to bed and went to class while I painted my toenails since I ended up being induced with Cara the last time I painted my toenails this late in pregnancy.  Does that make sense?  I painted my toenails and ended up being induced the same day.

So, from a purely scientific standpoint, toenail painting equals birth.  Just thought you should know that.

Cara was in her room for about an hour while I contorted myself to purty tootsies.

Since she never lost her shit and she hadn’t gotten out of her bed, I figured that even if she didn’t take a nap, the “quiet time” would be good for her AND me.

After I was done with my painting, I finally made my way to her room.  I could hear her saying, “Pee pee!” over and over again.  This isn’t a phrase that should illicit any sort of concern since we just got her that potty and she often says “pee pee”.

And then I walked into her room.

And she wasn’t wearing a diaper.

Yeah…you know where that’s going.  Expect it wasn’t just “pee pee”.

Luckily her bed has a kick-ass cover/mattress pad and everything was just tossed into the washing machine.

I can’t help but wonder when she took her diaper off and how long she was on her bed with all of the nastiness.  While it all ended up just fine I have to admit that I feel rather guilty.

This might be my first “mommy guilt” moment.


  1. She went to bed with no pants right, just a diaper? That happened in our house once, never again. But mine was just pee, no poo.

    And what… no picture? 😯 jk. seriously.

    Devons last blog post..38 weeeeeeeeeeeeks

  2. Nah, it’s not time for mommy guilt, just time to teach her to say “poop” or maybe even “oh crap!” LOL

    Devra Renners last blog post..What Should Wii Do? Video Games and Rule Setting

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