Demon TV, My Cervix and a Big Ball of Solidarity

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So many things to write about today.

Topic #1: My TV is possessed.

Yesterday morning Tucker got Cara out of bed and turned on the TV to catch some cartoons before he got ready for class.  When I finally got my ass up and made my way into the living room, Tucker and the kid were watching Good Morning America.

I sat down next to them and was a bit confused as to why cartoons weren’t being watched.

And then the TV turned itself off.

And then back on.

And then ran through the channel set-up…five times.

The remote didn’t work.  The buttons on the front of the TV didn’t work.  NOTHING worked.  Tucker finally unplugged the demon set and we both laughed at the fact that we were expecting the TV to continue to work.  [Our laughter was that nervous laughter that usually comes right after you ALMOST have a car accident.]

This morning I discovered that if you push the menu button and the channel down button at the same time and then you don’t release the menu button then you can watch the same channel with sound for two minutes.  And then the TV cycles through channels again.

I think Tucker’s picking up a temporary replacement from his sister until he can convince himself that he “needs” to spend the cash on a new TV.

Topic #2: My appointment yesterday.

This is what I posted yesterday on a mother message board that I’m a member of…I’m rather lazy and just felt like cutting and pasting.

Im sitting at 2.5 cm dilation right now and everything’s a-ok.

The only thing I have to report is that I think my doc stripped my membranes without asking my permission first which really pisses me off.

#1 That’s a medical procedure and I deserve [and am legally required to have] informed medical consent.

#2 If he had ruptured my bag of waters while doing that then I would be on an arbitrary time clock counting down to a section.

I don’t know if my doc says 24 hours or 12 hours but I wouldn’t have the “benefit” of pictocin since I’m doing a VBAC. So, if my labor didn’t start once my water broke then I would be guaranteed a potentially avoidable section.

Tucker basically doesn’t get why I’m semi-pissed and says that I’m too well informed. I told Tucker that he’s a douche. It was a great post appointment conversation. Wink

After several replies of people saying that their docs had stripped their membranes without their consent or knowledge I posted this:

One of the reasons I was so pissed is because he knows that I want NO interventions and I had specifically told him on numerous visits that I would not want my membranes to be stripped.

When I was induced with Cara my membranes were stripped and I def. remember what that was like and that’s what this felt like. If he did strip my membranes then he wasn’t very thorough at it but I had a huge contraction right afterward which coupled with the pain of the exam got me to wondering. Especially since the other exams where he checked dilation hadn’t hurt.

I really hate that so many of you experienced that. I really think that a lot of doctors get into a routine of what they do at certain points during pregnancy and they don’t stop to think about what their patient wants. Also, I think that a lot of things are seen as so common place now that some doctors don’t consider them big deals and therefore don’t think that they should receive consent.

I’ve read too many stories these last few months about women being given cytotec and never being told that it is contraindicated for use in pregnant women. Pregnant chicks having their membranes stripped because that’s what the doctor “always does”. Pitocin added to a ringers drip and the woman not being told what was being hooked up until after the fact.

Man…talk about a fucking soap box. Sorry guys. I just can’t help but think about all of the people who just either take that kind of stuff in silence or they don’t know any better.

Sad stuff.

Talk amongst yourselves in the comments if you have your own stories to tell.  I was amazed at how many people just needed to talk and I guess no one had talked about it before around them so maybe they didn’t feel they had a right to be pissed?

Topic #3: Terrorist Attacks 7 Years Ago

I feel obligated to talk about it even though I really don’t want to.

Today is a day when I’m glad that my TV is broken because I really just want to stick my head in the sand and ignore the day completely.  Also, if Oliver chooses today to be born, I hope that he technically isn’t born until tomorrow because I don’t want him to have people always equating his birthday with such a really shitty day.

Seven years ago I was sitting on Nathan’s bed [boyfriend at time] watching FoxNews channel and watching a plane fly into one of the buildings.  The anchors were speculating about maybe the pilot had been blinded by the glass on the building.  They basically had no idea what was going on and no one else did either.  I remember everyone being in a daze

I also remember watching America become one HUGE ball of solidarity.  An amazing community of hope and patriotism and nothing but red white and blue.  It was awe inspiring and took my breath away.

After a couple of weeks though, the new had worn off and people became jaded and the patriotism felt forced and like it was the cool thing to do.

Now, seven years later, patriotism seems like something to hide from.

I shall end this post here because I’m going to end up rambling on and on and I really would rather either have a concise point or write nothing at all.

SO, I leave you with the mental image of me bouncing on my yoga ball with a possessed TV behind me.


  1. From what you were tweeting yesterday it sounds like your TV is channeling my late grandmother. My suggestion is to find a Lawerance Welk clip on You Tube and play it at the TV. Grandma was always willing to give up control of the TV as long as she got to see her Lawerance Welk.

    My niece was born on Sept 10th 2003 at 11:30pm. I could hear my SIL in the room. “Oh hell no. I’m pushing this kid out now. RIGHT NOW!”

    Staceys last blog post..I just wanted a few

  2. I am in complete agreement with you on the intervention techniques doctors use. Too often women just assume that their doctors are doing what is right and don’t question unnecessary techniques. I don’t think there is such a thing as a pregnant woman being “too informed”! I really hope this goes the way you want it to. As you have said before, of course the most important thing is a healthy baby and a healthy mama, but it’s also important that your voice be heard in regards to your body and your baby’s delivery. I don’t know you personally, so I hope this doesn’t freak you out, but each time I check your blog I hope that I see a picture of a new baby boy and an exhausted but elated you holding him. I look forward to hearing that his birth was everything you hoped it would be! I’m kind of weird like that…I love to hear birth stories, especially ones with happy, natural endings! Hang in there…or don’t, have him this weekend! Good luck!

  3. Sorry your doctor did that too you. That is terrible!

    The possessed television would be a true disaster in our house. LOL

  4. I’m not sure of the solution to this problem. However, I know it would certainly spook me if the TV began doing what yours did..

    Hope all is well..

    Dorothy from grammology

    Dorothy Stahlneckers last blog post..Let’s talk when you’re not so agitated.

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