Boppy and Nipple Goop

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I love coffee.

My computer and Winamp with your streaming NPR and Glenn Beck.

Thank you for my sanity.

PBS, with your Martha Speaks, Curious George and Sesame Street.

I set my watch to you all.

These are just a few of the things that get me through the day.

In all honesty, I could live without them all but who wants would want to?

Two newborn specific things that I also love: my Boppy and my Lansinoh nipple goop.  Those two are life savers.

When it’s three in the morning and your nipples look like groung beef due to a lazy latch, it’s the little things that blow your skirt up.

Head on over to PBN to add your own “can’t live without ’em” post since they and Yoplait are giving away free yogurt.


  1. Hey… if you have a moment… click over…
    I love your blog!

    Colleens last blog post..Wordless Wednesday – Just for you

  2. RiceWenchie says:

    OK, I must ask: Why do you listen to Glenn Beck? RW

    • Are you blog stalking me? 😉

      Have you ever listened to Glenn Beck? Like all the way through and not just listened to sound bites?

      I think I first started listening to him because I needed something to do during the time that he’s on – I have to listen to something while I work; I can’t handle silence.

      After about two days of listening to him, I realized that he’s a pretty good entertainer and occasionally I would agree with something that he said. And, he has the ADD so I can identify with him.

      I don’t agree with everything he says and some days I don’t agree with almost anything but he interests me and makes me think.

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