Really Should Have Been Asleep

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I got book one of the Twilight saga on Friday.  Sunday I got book two.  Yesterday I got books three and four.

I think I have a problem.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about then you probably haven’t been in a book store recently.

The series is actually a teen series and I felt just a tad bit foolish when I put book one on the conveyor belt at Target.  I actually put the book cover down in an attempt to hide the book.

Pathetic much?

Since Cara goes to bed at seven and we don’t have cable, I’ve been reading at night while Tucker does his homework.

We head off to bed about nine or so and Oliver is asleep the whole time.

Now a normal mother would be sleeping while her newborn was asleep.  No sane person would sit up and read until 2am.  But, that’s exactly what I did last night.

Tucker had a project due today and he was up so I stayed up.  And Oliver slept.

When Oliver wasn’t asleep [he woke up for about 30 minutes] he was hanging out on the Boppy on my lap just looking around.

Tucker and I both decided that we’re waiting for the proverbial shoe to drop when it comes to Oliver and his lack of bitching.  We both agreed that I probably jinxed us by writing about what an “easy” baby he is.  So, when you start reading about how Ollie cries all of the time and I can’t get him to shut up you’ll know that my blog post from yesterday caused it.  😉

On a totally unrelated subject – actually I guess it’s still related since it’s about Oliver and Cara – I took the kids to the mall by myself.

That’s right, folks.  Me and two kids under two.  By myself.  At the mall.

That should show you just how much I had to have book three in the Twilight series.

Cara rode in her kickass green stroller and I carried Oliver and we mozied around Barnes and Noble.  Cara did pretty well until we got to Starbucks and the new guy there took FOREVER to get people’s orders to them.  Cara started loosing her shit and I was worried that she was gonna have a run away fit with me holding Oliver.  That would have been tons of fun.

Since Barnes and Noble was out of book three, we had to trek down to Target at the other end of the mall.

Cara selected a kickass orange Halloween throw and I got my book.  Happy times.

By the time we got out of Target, Oliver was a very hungry child.

There’s this cool play area right outside of Target and it was empty so I took the opportunity to run the crap out of Cara while I fed Oliver.  It was nice to sit there, feed the man child and watch the girl child wear herself out.

Unfortunately, when we left the play area Cara was determined that I would carry her instead of carrying the newborn.  I looked just a tad bit ridiculous lugging a two year old on my hip with a newborn in the stroller.

By the time I got home I had to take a couple of Tylenol since I had definitely overdone it.

Stupid surgery.

And Oliver’s cord stump freaks me out.

Just thought I’d share.


  1. Jennifer Walker says:

    Is that the vampire books? My sister who is 16 loves them but I haven’t gotten around to trying them out. I have to admit though I did stand in line every time a new Harry Potter Book came out…. You are so brave, I didn’t go out for the first two weeks and after that I would only go to target (it was just around the corner from my house) That is a cool stroller. I have a BOB SUS duallie and I love it. Joggers ROCK!

  2. I looove the Twilight series! I recently read all 4 and I can’t wait for the movie to come out in NOV.

    I gotta watch something now that I have to wait until July for the next Harry Potter movie.

    Yes, I’m an HP freak, too. 🙂

    photomommys last blog post..Photostory Friday: Our Build-A-Bear Experience

  3. Some of the best stuff I’ve read lately has been YA lit. Like some thought has gone into writing it! Fun! I’ll have to check this out!

    fruitladys last blog post..The Big Read – 50% (give or take…)

  4. ohhhhhhh, Edward (Jamie Fraiser who?)

  5. I will say, I’m still waiting for the other shoe to drop with my second and she’s four now. She was the kind of baby that people go, oh I want a baby now. I do fear her teenage years though.

    Enjoy baby Oliver.

    I need to look at the Twilight books. And I’m with the above people, i am a harry Potter freak.

    Issas last blog post..My grandpa

  6. Oh, I’ve turned into a Twilight freak myself and I was a little embarrassed by it too. Until 4 different people at work saw me reading it at lunch and said, “Oh my god, I LOVE that book!” I’m just starting book 2 right now. I can’t wait for the movie in November. Edward makes me swoon…

    You are Superwoman! Two kids under 2 at the mall barely a week after giving birth via c-section? I try to avoid taking 2 kids who are 5 years apart, with the youngest being 3, anywhere by myself. I figure it makes them appreciate me more if I run my errands alone. Usually I figure wrong…

    Earth Muffins last blog post..Tee-hee…

  7. I’m freaking reading them again. They’re crack. Do I have time for this obsession? Hell no. I heart Edward. And I’m 36 years old.

    D was that easy too. Still is for the most part. Maybe you’ll luck out.

  8. Maybe we should start a support group. I’m in the middle of book 4.

    Colleens last blog post..Zoe and Ana take on NYC

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