Sickness and Baby Legs

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Tucker’s such a giver.

And sometimes I wish that he would keep stuff to himself.

Like his germs.  There’s no reason to share those.

Saturday Tucker developed some kind of Ebola thing which left him weak and on the toilet for a good part of the day.

Monday, I woke up sick.  Luckily, I still had some Zofran left over from when I was prego with Oliver so I took 1/2 of one of those and felt a tiny bit more human.

And then Cara got diahrea for a day accompanied by diaper rash.  So, Cara ended up in a baking soda bath to make her butt feel better.

Today, Oliver puked more than the volume of his stomach.  [I guess he has a hollow leg.]  I just took his temp – which he didn’t appreciate – and it was 98.8 so maybe that was just a fluke.  I shall keep my boobs crossed that that is the case.

On a happy note, we got more Baby Legs.  🙂

Ollie: Mid-sneeze Oscar: WTF?!


  1. I’m glad that everyone is feeling better at your house though. I can’t imagine having everyone sick.

    Love the babyLegs though!

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  2. I LOVE those babylegs! Hope all has stayed much better for you all!


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