Washing Machine Woes

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Yesterday was a perfect example of why Tucker does the laundry.

Some back story.

Tucker has taken to piling the accumulating dirty clothes on the floor in front of the washing machine.  He had intended to wash the pile of clothes but school and life in general got in the way and he didn’t get the chance.

Not a problem cause I had every intention of being the rock star wife and acting all domestic and shit and washing the clothes.

Well, night before last, Cara took off her pants AND diaper at some point during the night.  Since she’s still a young one, she obviously doesn’t have full control of her bladder and she peed on her bed…and her pillow…and just about everything that was on the bed.

I followed the pillow’s washing instructions to the letter.  Promise!

I squished all of the air out of the pillow.  I pre-wetted the pillow.  I made sure that the pillow had “free movement” inside of the washing machine.  Things were going great!

And then I walked through a puddle on the floor.

My first response was to cuss the dog for peeing on the floor – until I saw that there was no puddle; there was a lake.

Apparently the pillow jacked up the washing machine.  I don’t know if the machine overfilled or if the water just sloshed out of the machine.  All that I do know is that I was really glad that those clothes were in front of the washing machine since they soaked up the majority of the flood.

I called Tucker to tell him of the washing machine/wife malfunction.  I told him that I was scared shitless apprehensive about washing anything else for fear that I would require the use of an ark.  Because of this anxiety, I decided that the clothes could wait until Tucker got home from Drill today.  I would still wash the clothes, but he would be here for backup.

Being the amazing wife that I am, I got a hair up my ass to pick up before Tucker gets home since he’s had a really stressful week.

I picked up some of the damp clothes from the floor and started carefulling placing them in the machine.  And then I noticed an odd smell.

I was expecting a musty, wet clothes smell.

However, the smell that emanated from these clothes was a rank cat pee/mold smell.  I don’t know if Oscar the Cat decided to make the pile of wet clothes his personal toilet or if the clothes had started to decompose in such a short period of time but that was one nasty smell.


  1. Jennifer Walker says:

    My cats decided to start making the laundry their personal toliet instead of the perfectly clean litter box. Needless to say, they have found a new loving home where their new owners have time to pick up the dirty laundry.

  2. Sigh now with two, I have to do laundry every other daY!! i despise doing it. Probably because we have to use the coin operated machines upstairs!!

    mrsmoguls last blog post..The greatest push present starts wih "S"

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