Picture Day

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Here is a shot of the Rose Damask Orange side of my Baby Hawk.

My “serious” face is actually me realizing that while I cleaned the bathroom yesterday, I completely forgot to clean the mirror.

This is the other side of the carrier.

The pattern is called Cream Bascha.  Doesn’t that have a nice ring to it?

In addition to loving the fact that the mirror is dirty, I love that my camera makes everything an odd color when I use it in my bathroom with no flash.

Cream Bascha Baby Hawk

And this a picture of me without either child.

I through this one in for posterity’s sake.  Also cause I look HAWT before a shower and when I’m wearing exercise shorts [without the exercise] and a GlamourMom tank.

On a random note, I just got this GlamourMom tank and they’ve changed since two years ago when I got my last ones.

For one thing, the boob holes are no longer round cutout weird thingies.  Now, the holes are actually slit type things and they don’t make you look like you have dinner plate sized nipples.

The clasp thing is a lot better as well.

With my old ones, I had to use two hands unless the clasp was on an old tank and then the clasp was so worn out that I could look at the thing and it would pop open.  The new clasp is this semi-circle thing that only takes one hand to open it.

[GlamourMom, I’ll happily take a free tank now.]

And that’s your amazingly random tidbit for the day.

You’re welcome.  🙂


  1. I love it! It’s super cool. Do you have Oliver in it? It looks like you “might” have something in there. You look rockin’ after just having O, not so long ago!

    Hollyns last blog post..I am in Love!

  2. That’s a beautiful carrier:)

    ms last blog post..Enter for your chance to win $3,000 in Prizes.

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