I Miss Maternity Clothes

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It seems like these days that everyone is either getting pregnant, is pregnant, or is having a baby.

One thing that I loved about being pregnant was the clothes.

I know that sounds 100% counter intuitive judging by the picture to the left, but seriously, the maternity clothes that are out there really rawk.

There are actually trendy maternity clothes out there that look better than some “non-pregnant” clothes.  Two awesome examples are Paige Maternity Jeans and Juicy Maternity Jeans [I REALLY love Juicy clothes].  Actually, I love just about everything that Juicy does.  Their perfume is awesome and I’m currently lusting after some of their diaper bags.

I find myself lusting after maternity clothes now that I’m in maternity remission.  Who doesn’t love a comfy waistband and a shirt that doesn’t show backfat?!  Even better are the clothes that are actually stylish while being comfortable.

I’m in my pre-pregnancy clothes now.  But, that means that I’m back to jeans and t-shirts when I was wearing really cute tops and hot pants.  [Yeah…I called maternity pants “hot”.]

Anyway, it’s not like I’m considering getting prego with number three four weeks after having number two, but, if it weren’t a complete no-no then I might consider wearing a couple of my maternity outfits.

Heck, who am I kidding?

I’m wearing my fuzzy maternity pants right now.

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  1. Jennifer Walker says:

    OMG! I just ordered a power mama spanx like the one in the picture like 5 minutes ago. I am super excited to wear maternity clothes again. They are for sure the cutest clothes I have worn since our Phi Mu days. I will be very sad to put them away for good after this baby. I just wish I could make myself actually be showing sooner, instead of just my fat from the other two kids sticking out. Oh well that is what the spanx are for :mrgreen:

  2. I also adored maternity clothes. Cade was probably 4 months old before I stopped wearing them. In fact, I got so used to them that I sometimes STILL forget to zip & button my pants. 😳

  3. My sister-in-law and I have had multiple conversations about the fact that we believe someone out there should develop a line of clothing that is as comfortable and flattering as some of the maternity clothing out there…. while being designed for the non-pregnant woman. I think that if someone could figure that out… they would make a fortune.

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  4. I’ve been wearing maternity clothes for at least three years now. They’re just more comfortable AND flattering on me, a prime specimen of the “apple shaped woman”. I keep thinking someone needs to design very similar clothes, just without aaaalllll those gathers at the front. They could call their line “apple of my eye” or something equally cheesy. I’d buy it.

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  5. A plea for you to consider the ethics of purchasing maternity clothes. Really, if people are willing to bring a baby in this world, you’d better make sure the world remains a good one! Therefore please try and think about, for example, the cloth your clothes are manufactured from, the human rights of the factories where they’re made and the ethics of the clothes retailer. Oh, and try to share, rather than throwing away. Thanks!!!!

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