Guaranteed to Scar Her for Life

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Simple setting: Cara and me sitting in front of the TV on the couch right before bedtime.

I was watching House [cause I wanna have his babies] and Cara was 1/2 watching and 1/2 playing.

Of course Cara started paying attention to the show right as the sick chick started convulsing and everyone started screaming.

“OW!”  Cara hollered.

She had the most concerned look on her face that I’ve ever seen.

“OW!  Ow, Mom!”  Now she had started pointing at the TV.

By this point I got my head out of my ass and switched the television off.

“Way to go, Mom.” Tucker just couldn’t keep his mouth shut.

Tucker hugged Cara [who was fine and had moved on to deconstructing something or other] and I sat there and just let the fat tears roll down my cheeks.

Officially one of my biggest douche bag mothering moments thus far.


  1. If she had moved on seconds later then I think you’re in the clear. My son actually likes to watch gross stuff. He’s like an onlooker at an accident, he just can’t turn away. To the point that we’ll cover his eyes when certain things come on tv and he’ll fight to see it. Kids are weird little creatures….

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