Tinkle Tube?

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http://www.babyrockapparel.com/tinkletube.htmlMy life here recently has been about pee and poop.  [Yes.  ANOTHER potty training post.  Deal with it.]

Cara’s well on her way to being potty trained and I can honestly say that I never thought that I would consider getting princess underwear for someone a good Christmas gift.

I’m a member of a “mothering” website where talk of potty training is par for the course and one of the members posted a link to the pictured product.

Now I’ve always heard that potty training a boy is more difficult than training a boy but I’m not sure that it really requires this.

Unzip or pull down the boys pants. Remove both caps from the Tinkle Tube. Place the Tinkle Tube over the boys little soldier. Now hold and aim the tube towards the toilet. Shake the tube out, rinse and replace the caps. Store the Tinkle Tube in your bag for the next use.

Personally, I can’t get over the “little soldier” part of the quote.  Little soldier?  Who calls it that?!

If you have a boy who has been potty trained, please tell me that you can see no use for these things when it comes to teaching said boy to pee in the toilet.



  1. I don’t even know what to say to that.

    autumn dahlias last blog post..Exit from Breaking and Entering

  2. MiniPoe never needed anything like that! I can’t believe somebody thought of it! Wow, it’s weird what people come up with when they have too much time on their hands….

    PhineasPoes last blog post..Apparently, if Obama loses it will be my fault.

  3. no use whatsoever…. unless you consider totally grossing me out a use…. I mean seriously…. carry it around? UGH!

  4. Did you read the part on their website about not putting it in your mouth? 😯

  5. Let’s give little boys more of an excuse to draw attention to (and thereby play with) their penises. No thanks!

    The first thing Stick Daddy said was, “I could use it to shoot spitwads!” 🙄

    There ya go. NEVER coming into my house!

    Hollyns last blog post.."I’m not quite dead yet!"

  6. Um – NO. Wrong. Ew. No pee tubes here.
    I used the cheerio method at first.. ie: throw a few in the toilet for aiming.

    We’ve not had many accidents.

    Double Agent Girls last blog post..Reality Bites – or – Why I’m More Interesting Online…

  7. Okay, I know this is an old post, but I really want one of these for public bathroom usage only. The toilet is at “resting height” for Cade, if you know what I mean, and I’m always yelling “DON’T TOUCH THAT! YOU’RE GOING TO GET AN INFECTION!”

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