Bruised and Engaged

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The one negative that I have to say about My Baby A to Z is that it’s not very long.

By the fourth time of Cara cycling through the video and me being punched in the arm to restart the video, I finally got smart to the “continuous play” option.  [I think my arm is bruised.]

I was concerned that the DVD was going to look homemade and be annoying.  I have my doubts that my two year old could give a flying flip about a DVD looking homemade since she routinely plays with straws and rocks, but it matters to me if I have to watch the thing over and over and over.

While My Baby A to Z obviously didn’t have a billion dollar budget, it was cute and kind of endearing.  It didn’t annoy me and inspire me to throw it across the room.  I can’t say the same about some of the bigger name DVDs that Cara has.

Cara would run around and do her thing and about every two minutes or so she would “check in” with the TV.  She would spend a minute or two pointing out shapes or hissing at the snake and then back off she would go.

I liked that this DVD actually engaged Cara.  She didn’t just sit like a bump on a log and stare at the TV.  I also liked that the DVD didn’t have five years of previews cause when your kid wants to watch a DVD, they want to watch it RIGHT THEN!

To sum it all up, it’s a fun DVD that kept Cara’s interests and I think that it would make a really great birthday or Christmas present.

Check out PBN and My Baby A to Z‘s websites for more information and more free stuff.


Now to the giveaway.  I have two of these guys so two of you will win.  I also have a discount code for those of you who don’t win.  I’ll email the discount code to the losers.

Leave a comment between now and Nov.12 at midnight CST telling me either your favorite or least favorite children’s DVD.

A winner will be chosen using Random.org and will be annouced sometime on the 13th.


  1. My favorite kid video is one I think I’ve reccomended before: HBO Classical Baby. It’s actually a little series (Art, Dance, and Music) but the Music one was always my favorite.

    PhineasPoes last blog post..Put Your Hands on Me – Joss Stone

  2. 🙂 My least favorite video by far, is It’s Potty Time. We watched this 1000’s of times 8 years ago and I can still recite the words to most of it’s songs!


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