Protect Her from Herself

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Yesterday’s trip to the pediatrician was eventful as always.

At home, Cara will seek out the bathroom scale and demands that both Tucker and me stand on it.  This happens over and over until we finally put the scale away.

When it got time for Caroline to step on the scale at the pediatrician’s office, she freaked.  She screamed her fool head off.  She went limp.  She blubbered like a drunk.

It was fun.

I ended up having to get on the scale myself [I fought the urge to cover the number] then grab up Wet Noodle Cara [in stores this holiday season] and do simple math to figure out her weight.

She’s apparently gone up to like the 50 somethingth percentile in weight and I have my suspicion that the weight that they got for her wasn’t exactly accurate.  She’s 30% for height and has been for weight for quite a while and she’s still wearing lots of 18 mo clothes.

We finally got her corralled into an examination room and I managed to distract her with the bugs and animals that were painted on the walls.

Her pediatrician came in and chuckled at Wet Noodle Cara [complete with continuous screaming button] sitting on the floor with her lower lip jutted out to its maximum jutting point.

One of the things I LOVE about the pediatrician is that she completely ignored Cara.  The doc talked to us and observed our interaction with Cara but never actually talked to Cara until the very end.

The doc was very impressed with Cara using the bathroom already and said that Cara is extremely advanced when it comes to language which honestly surprised the shit out of us.

I mean, come on!  This is the child who calls dogs “bobs”.  Sophie [our pitbull] has been elevated to “Bobby” which I’m sure makes Sophie very happy.  Cara even calls hotdogs “hotbobs”.

Basically, we were told that while Cara’s intelligence will be “challenging” right now and probably make her terrible twos even worse that the payoff will be when she gets to school.

Our job now is to “protect her from herself”.

Hmm…we had always suspected that but I think it’s pretty funny that a doctor actually voiced what we have long suspected.

One month before her first birthday.


  1. Climing Mt. Coffee Table at such a young age! Everest, here she comes!

    autumn dahlias last blog post..Wordless Wednesday – What happens when the dog is done with her Halloween costume

  2. Oh, I had one of those too. Their minds get so darn frustrated by their little bodies. Forget about terrible 2s, the worst was when she was 3.

    Mine is 6 now and in 1st grade. She knows how to push buttons, but life is much, much easier b/c you can rationalize with her and she understands consequences for behavior.

    I always joke that she’s going to be a CEO or Lawyer someday, if I let her live long enough!

    Ashlie- Mommycosms last blog post..November 5

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