The Girl Who Cried Pee…er, Wolf

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Nap times and bedtime have never been easy things around our house.

Whether Cara just lacks a need for a reasonable amount of sleep or if she’s just determined to not sleep, the end result is the same: she’s awake.

A schedule helps and lots of warning about the impending time in her bed helps but neither have created a peaceful time of slumber.

Now a new element has been introduced: potty training.

It’s her own fault, really.

She’s the one who decided to start using the toilet; we didn’t start her down that grown-up path.  Looking back on it, I think it was all part of her master plan to avoid bedtime.

First comes bath time and a chance to pee on her potty.

Then it’s cartoons and story time with another change to pee.  [Two chances to pee so far in case you’ve been counting.]

We put Cara to bed and if she’s still carrying on then she gets another chance to pee.  Keep in mind that during that whole hour she will have been hollering “Pee, pee!!!  Mom!  Dad!?  Pee, pee!!!”

I think that once this month she has been wet or has actually peed when/if we go in her room when she calls.

So now we’re stuck with this wonderful issue: Does she really need to pee or is she full of shit? [literally and figuratively]

While I don’t want to derail her grown-up aspirations, we’re not going to go in there every five minutes.

Oh the joys of potty training.


  1. We went through this same thing with our youngest when he was potty-training this summer. I can provide a small, dim light at the end of your tunnel. He doesn’t holler EVERY night that he “need go pee-pee” any more, just once or twice a week now.

    No need to thank me, I know what a load that must be off your mind!

    Earth Muffins last blog post..I

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