Pregnancy and Permission Slips

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As you might have guessed from this post, Tucker’s getting fixed.

Am I the only one whose brain instantly goes to a dog being neutered?  Wonder if Tucker’s going to have to wear one of those cones around his neck?

I know he has to wear “scrotal support”.

When I read that I think of those support hose that my grandma used to wear.

OK.  Those are officially two thoughts that should NEVER occur together – Tucker’s scrotum and my grandma.

Where was I?

I love being pregnant.  LOVE IT!  The hemorrhoids I got with Cara [I even read a venapro review for hemorrhoid treatment. ] and the all day sickness with Ollie didn’t dampen my love of pregnancy.  But the end result can be a bit expensive so we’re done.

We have two genius kids who we love like crazy and we feel like our family is complete.  If one day we wake up and discover that we absolutely need a third then we’ll adopt.

Tucker goes in for his “procedure” and I’m accompanying him.

I have to sign Tucker’s consent form in front of the doctor stating that I consent to Tucker’s vasectomy.  How’s that for a screwed up permission slip?

Maybe this is just Tucker’s way of getting out of doing anything for three days.  But at 1k a pop I would have rather gone on vacation or something.


  1. Jennifer Walker says:

    Where do we sign up? We were done at 2 but the 3rd kinda sneaked in. (I secretly always wanted 3 though). We are hoping to have the procedure before this kid is born so there won’t be any more kids sneaking up on us.

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