He Might Be Giant

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As I’m typing this, I have a sweaty man child lying on my chest.

Oliver’s been a sleepy guy since his shots yesterday.  I gave him a couple of rounds of Tylenol yesterday to counteract some of the injection site pain, but he’s had nothing today since his leg doesn’t seem to be painful and he’s not feverish.

Mom kept Cara yesterday so that we didn’t have to deal with her screaming and being bored while we waited to see the doctor.  Turned out to be a good idea since we waited for about an hour.  I showed my boobs so many times while we waited that I lost count. Boy’s gotta eat.

My feeling on doctors’ office waits is this: if the doctor consistently gives me great service and listens to my concerns and comments then I’m more than willing to cut said doctor some slack.  I can only assume that the doctor is running behind because he/she is providing the patient before me with terrific service as well.


We finally got in and Ollie got naked so that the LPN could weigh and measure him.  Since Oliver was 9lbs 1oz at birth, I was expecting 12lbs for the two month check.

Momma was wrong!

14lbs 12oz and 23.75 inches long!  No wonder this kid has been wearing 3-6 mo clothes.

The nurse asked about shots and I told her that I didn’t want Oliver to get the Hep B or Rotavirus.  The nurse gave me a weird look but didn’t say anything.

The world’s best pediatrician came in and after declaring my son “impressive” she asked me why I didn’t want Oliver to get the Hep B vaccine.

“Well, since I doubt Oliver’s going to be engaging in risky sex, I don’t think he’s really at risk.”

She smiled and chuckled a little and then told her nurse, “she’s done her research.” [Made me feel good.]

The nurse came in with the shots and since Oliver was hungry again, I nursed him while everything was made ready.

Poor kid didn’t know what hit him.

The first shot went in and Oliver got this surprised look on his face.  The second shot went in and I heard a scream from that boy that I’ve never heard before.  The crying lasted for maybe fifteen seconds until I convinced him that the boob was still his friend.

Two months from now we go back.  I wonder how big he’ll be then?


OH!  If you’re the parent of a “big baby” [particularly one who is really long] could you please leave a comment as to where I should look for clothes.  The 6mo onesies are still big on him through the shoulders but are too short on him from shoulder to crotch.

His 6 mo shirt isn't buttoned because it's too short!


  1. My daughter was 11 pounds 6 oz at birth. 23.5″ long. She went straight into 3-6 month clothes at birth. All those adorable onesies I had received for my baby shower, washed, folded, etc. were promptly DONATED before she ever got to wear them. 🙁

    I just bought the size she needed in the length, they were often big in the sleeves/neck… but oh well. I had great luck w/ Old Navy, GAP, and Target.

    Good luck mama. And btw, I think Oliver is just about the cutest BIG baby boy I’ve ever seen. Kudos, you make cute kids!

    C ~

    Cheryls last blog post..Cool Kid

  2. My son was 10 lbs. 13 oz. and 23″ at birth. He was in the NICU unit for the first few days and they had to get him clothes from pediatrics. He spend most of his infanthood in t-shirts and diapers and I made a lot of his clothes.

    My daughter was 9 lbs. 11 oz. (born on 9/11 too!) and 22″. She fit a little better into ‘normal’ clothes but seriously, they spent a lot of their time with their onesies unbuttoned too. Separates helped them both … they needed longer shirts and smaller pants.

    He is just delicious, you know.

    SharonOs last blog post..So this is what Hope feels like

  3. Jennifer Walker says:

    I bought onsie extenders for Brendan, they help especially when there were pants to hide them or if we were at home and no one could see them. I had better luck at Children’s Place than anywhere else but both of my kids we not 14lbs until 4 months old.

  4. Noodle tracked similar to Oliver and we had good luck with Gap. Our gap puts stuff on sale on Thursdays so we would go then because full price gap is a scam. She also started in 3-6 month, she never even got into the newborn stuff except it was all we had to leave the hospital with. As soon as she got mobile she went 80%-90% height and 20-40% weight and she is still there at the age of 7.

    Arwens last blog post..Growing Up

  5. In reply to your question, as far West as you can get without hitting Oklahoma.

    Totally feel you on the docs and shots. Just got Sugarbaby’s 6mo. and she was none too happy. You’d think after three kids I’d be used to it, but it still breaks my heart.

    Adorable baby! SB is 16lbs even at 6mo of age.

    ashleys last blog post..This & That

  6. He’s soooo cute!! And delicious!

    The BabyGap onesies are made for football players, srsly. my boy’s shoulders were too skinny for them. I think the length was good, too.

    I’ve always liked the Carter’s onesies for length of use – my boy is consistently in the 65-75% for height and they’ve worked well for us.

    VDogs last blog post..Finally Some Photos

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