Purple is the New Black

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I’ve thought for about a month now that I had thrush.

I wasn’t sure since Oliver’s latch was so damn bad starting out that I just assumed the pain was due to that.  Oliver’s mouth was decently clear, so when my pain went away I had every reason to continue with the idea that the pain had been due to poor latch – the pain had never been as bad as I had read.

When we went for Ollie’s two month check, I specifically asked her to check Oliver’s mouth for thrush and teeth. [He’s been chewing like a mofo.]  She diagnosed Oliver with thrush and suggested gentian violet.  I had been warned that it stained, but in my “I know more than you” attitude, I just assumed that everyone else had been doing it wrong.

Yeah…gentian violet stains.

A lot.

And that cap with the hole in it?  That’s not a “gurgle cap” like on a liquor bottle so don’t squeeze the bottle.

I was supposed to dilute the stuff 3 to 1 and ended up with 1/2 a cup of gentian violet.

It stained my thumb.

It stained the counter.

Hey, baby. How YOU doin'?

What did you do to me?!

What did you do to me?!

You turned my mouth purple!!!

You turned my mouth purple!!!

MY PURPLE...oh...what's up there?

MY PURPLE...oh...what's up there?


  1. Ohhh… you poor thing!! I have been there with thrush, and I heeded the words of warning and skipped the GV (went with GSE instead, since I was the only one with the infection). Those photos are PRICELESS, though. I’m Stumbling this, because it’s educational and entertaining. I hope the thrush clears up quickly.

    Missives From Suburbias last blog post..Spit and Determination

  2. OMG that is funny. Purple is my favorite color though.

    Missys last blog post..Monday

  3. Too funny. I never considered thrush when breastfeeding hurt. I just assumed poor latching on. Poor guy!

    ashleys last blog post..The Internet Is My Only Friend

  4. Jennifer Walker says:

    HA! HA! I love it! I have some of the same pics from both of mine since that is what we treated it with as well. Once I painted myself and forgot and nursed Brendan and he came up with purple all over his mouth and nose. I have always had trouble with it, and it sucks!!!

  5. I have so been there. My son also laughed, even though he was oblivious and I had to call my husband into the dark room where we were nursing because I got so freaked out. I thought he had turned into psycho-purple-mouth baby.

    RookieMom Whitneys last blog post..Birthday 4.0

  6. OH! Purple is my favorite color so he looks magically delicious to me.
    Kudos on bf’ing. I know it’s a huge commitment but SO worth it.

    Pams last blog post..At His Service

  7. Well, that’s certainly the cutest little purple smile I’ve seen all day!! :mrgreen:

    Mandy/ Mommy Crackeds last blog post..Bella Sara

  8. oh my! That’s… very purple! hehe But he’s still adorable, even with the purple smile.

    Jens last blog post..must be in the genes somewhere

  9. I know this is old, but as you know, I’ve been gone a while. And I’m curious about this one… did it stain you as well? And I don’t mean your thumb.

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