The Devil Wore Red…

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…according to Cara since she refused to get anywhere close to Santa.

Mom and I took the kids to the mall today to look for some presents for Cara and Oliver.  Santa happened to be hanging out on his big ole Santa throne and since both kids were dressed in red, I figured I’d tempt fate and try for a kid/Santa group photo.

This Santa was probably the best Kris Kringle ever.  TV people, if you’re looking for THE Santa then you should come to Arkansas before Kris packs up his sleigh and hits the rooftops.

Yeah, so Oliver was sleeping his ass off and Cara was being fussy.  I showed her Santa and she gave me this “why the hell should I care” look.  I should have known right then to turn the stroller around and call it good.

But can you imagine me doing that?  Can you imagine me taking the easy way?  Oh, HELL NAH!  Cause you know, Satan is much less scary up close.  Right?

Poor kid.

Granted she didn’t dissolve into the stereotypical kid-at-mall-whose-scared-shitless-of-Santa but she was not digging the man with the rosy cheeks.  Mom plopped the sleeping canned ham in Santa’s lap and Oliver obviously slept through the whole deal.

Afterward, we all went to lunch and Cara was still acting traumatized.  Turns out she was sick with a low grade fever.


At least Oliver’s picture turned out cute.


  1. Oh, that’s a great picture!
    When my daughter was 2, we got the funniest picture of her with Santa. She was looking up at him with a great big pouty face and tears in her eyes. She’s 6 now and totally giggles when she sees it.

    He IS a really good Santa!

    Ashlie- Mommycosms last blog post..Haiku Friday: KD

  2. I LOVE that pic! Princess Belle was terrified of Santa the first time she saw him.

    Twisted Cinderellas last blog post..Four Months Old

  3. My kids just whip out the scared shitless routine any time they are in public and I need them to tow the line.

    shondas last blog post..I’m An Asshole

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