Get Ready for Black Friday

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Hey guys, in celebration of Black Friday when I’ll be hiding in our apartment and you will be fist fighting with the masses, I present to you TWO video game giveaways.  One is on this site and the other is going to be held over at Sims Gamer.

It’s the same giveaway over here as it is over there but if you enter both then you’ll have two chances to win a kickass video game.  So, I’ll post on this site what I posted over here since the rules and terms are the same on both sites.

On Friday the 28th of November, I’ll be giving away a copy of MySims for PC and MySims Kingdom for the Wii.

Here’s how it’s going to work:

Look for the giveaway post that I publish on Friday after 8am CDT.

#1 Post a comment on the Black Friday Giveaway post stating which game you want and why – you have to choose one.

#2 Write your own post on your blog with a link back to the Black Friday Giveaway post and then make sure to leave me a comment on my post with a link back to yours.

#3 Twitter about the giveaway, stumble it and Digg the giveaway – make sure that you leave a comment with the URLS on the Black Friday post so that I know that you did it.

You get one point for #1.  You get five points for #2 and you get 1 point for each tweet link and for each stumble and Digg.

The contest ends at 11:59pm on Sunday the 30th of November.  I’ll add up the points sometime on Dec. 1st and let you know the two people who won – one Wii winner and one PC winner.

Keep in mind that I’ll only ship within the contiguous 48 states and that if you don’t reply to my “you won” email within 48 hours that I’ll void your win and offer it to the person with the next highest score.  Since I will be contacting the winners via email, make sure that you leave a valid email address or all of your efforts will be for naught.

So, mark the 28th in your calendar and get ready to comment, post and stumble your way into an awesomely free game.