Sitcom Cliché

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Tucker and I are becoming a bad sitcom cliché.

Both kids were in bed last night and Tucker and I were on Twitter on opposite ends of the couches.  Tucker brought up the fact that it was nice that both kids were asleep and that we were having some “alone” time.  [You know you’re a dork when you’re alone time spent with your husband involves two laptops.]

As the conversation progressed, we both agreed that maybe we should try “date nights”.  Before last night, I had always snickered at the idea – who wants to become that couple.  How pathetic.  But, upon further examination, I realized that it’s been over two years since Tucker and I have seen a movie in the theaters or hung out at home without at least one kid latched on to my boob or not had to worry about someone waking up other than us.

When we lived in Florida, date night wasn’t an option.  Cara refused to take a bottle and there was no one close enough to us that I would have trusted to keep her.  Actually, Alana lived close but I had no intention of “punishing” Alana with my rather high needs child – Alana’s son is VERY chill and I’m not sure that she would have liked me much after chasing Cara around for a couple of hours.

Now that we live smack dab in the middle of all of our family, the idea of a date night isn’t as impossible as it once would have been.  Also, Oliver is a pretty chill dude and though he doesn’t appreciate a bottle, he will resign himself to chewing on the bottle’s nipple until some milk gets in his mouth.

I have a feeling that our date nights will be rather bland affairs consisting of no kids and Tucker and me sitting on the couch while we watch a movie or he plays COD4 but at least it will be just us for a couple of hours.  I think that with all of the bullshit that Tucker’s going through with school and with all of my stress with having picked up another blog [that makes four if you’ve been counting] a little bit of “no kids” time might not be such a bad thing.

On a completely random note, I have a short story that I’m going to submit to a short story contest whose founder guy messaged me on Twitter – looked for the link so that I could include it but got bored.  [Did that sentence make sense?]  Don’t you love that?  I’m writing about submitting a short story to a contest and I’m asking if my sentence structure makes sense.

Anyway, if I win then I’d make $985 after I took out the entry fee.  So, keep your fingers crossed for me if you don’t mind.

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