Ding Dong the Bratz are Dead!

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I listen to about six hours of talk radio a day and that usually means that I hear the news before most do since MOST people are at work and not working in their PJs.

I digress.

While listening this morning, I heard something that brightened my rather dismal day – Bratz dolls are to be pulled from shelves and production is to stop!  How much does that rock?!

I tweeted my happiness over this occurrence and I apparently am not the only person with a strong hatred dislike of these plastic sluts in well…slut clothing.

I guess that’s what happens when you make a competing product WHILE WORKING FOR THE COMPETITION.  Idiot.  You can read the whole story here and that’s where I got the sexay Bratz picture.


  1. Last week, I bought the only two that I ever intend on purchasing. They were specific requests for “Christmas Child” donations. I thought I would oblige instead of forcing my No-BRATZ rule on kids that aren’t even mine.

    Thank goodness I will never be in that situation again!

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  2. Oh I didnt now that!

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