Sick Hummingbird Loses Note

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I hate the Thursday before Tucker leaves for drill weekend.  Somehow we always manage to run out of everything right before he leaves so that we have to scramble around and get groceries and diapers and whatever other random “must have” item we can think of before he leaves.  It’s not that I can’t go get that stuff myself with the kids but it’s a hell of a lot easier to do when Tucker can wrangle Cara.

Anyway, I know that you guys probably don’t care [and maybe it doesn’t bother you at all] but I’m hoping to have this site redesign done by sometime today.  Just when I think that I’m on a roll and will have it done in a jiffy, one of my kids has the audacity to come up to me and want to be fed or held or something.  What the hell’s wrong with them?

Is everyone else sick?  I’m just wondering because everyone in my house has something annoying and lingering and I wish that it would move on to some other family and leave mine alone.  I’ve had an ear infection for a while now and my doc told me that if the antibiotics he gave me didn’t get rid of the infection then I’d probably have to get tubes.  Who the HELL gets tubes at my age?!  Of course the pain and infection cleared for a little bit but now it’s back – less severe but in both ears.  Cara has this perpetual runny nose thing going on, Tucker’s a general pussy with his vasectomy/stuffed up nose thing and Oliver’s little baby nose has been running like Carl Lewis.

I made a “to do list” on Tuesday since I’ve been eaten up with ADD recently and can’t stick to one task.  Imagine a hummingbird flitting around to several different flowers and you’ll have a decent idea of what it’s  been like.

The list was a bad idea.  I didn’t get everything done [partly because I lost my list] and I guess I just gotta be cool with that.  I guess I’ll just have to keep my lists to like three things and write ’em on my hand.


  1. Is anyone else sick? Yes. Dr. Google diagnosed me with the flu yesterday and my OB agreed (he’s an agreeable sort).

    I blame my employer on two levels: my manager who decided it would be a good idea to come in with some sort of virus last week and the fact that they didn’t have the flu shot for pregnant women.

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  2. We’re all sick over here too. Feel like we’re sick more than healthy lately. Both kids are home today.

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