Good Day

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Today was a good day.  My ears still hurt but I’m trying to ignore the rather constant obnoxious pain.  It’s really more of a dull ache now.

I woke up at 6:30 after having had a really awesome dream – it was one of those dreams where you know it rocked but you don’t remember a damn thing about it.  I hopped in the shower before Oliver woke up and managed to be almost 100% dressed when he started making his presence known.  After I scooped him up, I heard Cara rustling around in her room.  Synchronized kid waking.  Gotta love it.

Coffee was drank.  Cartoons were watched.  Kids were fed.

We went to eat breakfast with my in-laws at Cracker Barrel and then set off to find a Christmas tree for my in-laws’ house.  No such luck so it was off to Target.  Cara and Oliver ended up with a butt ton of clothing [thanks in-laws] and then we went over to my brother and sister in-law’s house.

When Cara started running around in circles and laughing maniacally, I knew it was well past her nap time and I got the kids bundled up and came home.  Cara woke up right as we were pulling in the driveway and she started this annoying whiny crying thing that she does when she wakes up and we’re home.  I told her that if she got on the couch and didn’t make a sound then she wouldn’t have to go to her room for a nap.

Now usually when I make a deal like that it comes back to bite me in the ass but this time I lucked out.  No crying.  No fussing.  Cara sat on the couch and watched cartoons and didn’t make a peep.  She actually played with her blocks for a long time without even acting like I was in the room.  Odd but nice.

Tucker got home around 6 and he’s in the floor right now working on his finance for his final tomorrow.  Everything pretty much rides on his grades this semester.  He’s a hair’s width away from having the GPA that he needs for graduation and if he doesn’t graduate this semester then all plans are on hold till the end of NEXT semester since he’ll have to take a bullshit class to bump up his GPA.  Talk about stressful, huh?

Anyway, I finished book 8 of the Stackhouse series and I have to say that I’m left with a “that’s it?!” feeling.  I know that there’s a ninth book to be released in May and that this was definitely a “bridge” book but I wanted more Sookie and Eric time.  If the Twilight people can have a team Edward and team Jacob then I can have a team Eric.  I’m just sayin’.