Broken Hair Dryer and Scary Cat

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My hair dryer died last night.

Something woke me up at like 2am and after recovering from that weird disoriented feeling that I always get right after I wake up, I realized that with the exception of Oliver making some noise, our bedroom was quiet.  That’s an odd thing since usually the hair dryer is running.

With Cara, the hair dryer was a magic button that would take her from a screaming banshee to quiet with the flick of a switch.  Oliver isn’t nearly as quick to anger but the hair dryer still calms him down and helps to drown out all of the noise in the house.  Since we have acid stained concrete floors, I just put the hairdryer on the floor and don’t have to worry about it catching anything on fire.  Also, I make sure the hairdryer is turned to to “cold” setting so that the heating element isn’t engaged.

So early this morning when I stumbled over to the hair dryer and tried in vane to get the damn thing to come back on, I had a moment of panic.  The power of the hair dryer has almost attained mythical properties.  I’ve come to rely on that stupid electric appliance and trust that it will keep my son asleep.

The problem with using a device to help your kids go to sleep is that eventually that device is gonna fail in some way or other.  In my case, the thing just stopped working.  In your case maybe your kid outgrows their swing or infant carrier.  Whatever the case, it’s a sobering thing when your sleep security blanket is pulled out from under you.

It also pisses me off that I’ve had this hair dryer for two years and it decides to conk out on me.  The hair dryer that I had prior to this one lasted over ten years.  Ten years!

Cara got a new kitty yesterday while we were out with my in-laws.  Apparently Cara saw the creepy stuffed thing and didn’t want to put it down.  My father-in-law, being a kind hearted typical grandpa, couldn’t say no.  The thing about this kitty though is it’s one of those scary looking big eyed cats.  This thing is the thing of nightmares.  However, Cara loves it.

Last night, right before bed, she started telling Tucker “kitty”.  He thought she was talking about her Hello Kitty doll that an aunt of mine had gotten Cara.  Nope.  Then he went after this weird mechanical cat that my in-laws got Cara – the cat’s tail wags.  Nope.  Finally, I clued him in to the fact that she wanted the big eyed creepy cat.  I wasn’t in the bedroom when he took the correct cat in to her but I could her how excited she was to see it.  Tucker said that the utter joy on Cara’s face was priceless and ridiculously cute.  I still think the thing’s scary looking.