Prehensile Thumbs and Mariachi Men

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So I’m not quite sure what is going on with my camera and why this picture is so damn blurry.  Maybe the lens needs to be cleansed of Cara finger prints?  Maybe the camera is having emotional issues since it is a well known fact that cameras do have emotions.

Whatever the case, I figured that I would show you my solution to my hair dryer taking a crap on me.  [Not literally since it is a well known fact that hair dryers do not possess bowels.  Or anuses.  Or anal sphincters.]

Since my hair dryer died a couple of days ago, I’ve been at a loss as to what we were going to use to keep Oliver asleep.  We went to Target [since Target is our second home] and bought a $19.95 CD/Clock radio thing.  I should have known that “you get what you pay for” is a cliche for a reason, but the radio was cheaper [and less of a fire hazard] than a new hair dryer.  Since I have some ripped [meaning stolen – allegedly] noise tracks on my laptop, I figured I would just burn a CD of the noise and play it in Oliver’s cheap ass spiffy new CD player.

Yeah.  That went over like a fucking lead balloon.

The CD wouldn’t read in the player.  In fact, the player didn’t even realize that it contained a CD.  Well, damn.

In utter frustration, I switched the piece of crap radio over to AM to see if I could pick up some static.


I cranked that puppy up as high as it would go and plopped it into Ollie’s crib.  The kid was out like a light in record time.

Tucker was burning the midnight oil at the library and I called it a night – myself lulled to sleep by some rather creepy sounding AM radio static.  [Reminded me of the baby monitor noises in Signs.  I kept expecting to hear the aliens communicating with the mother ship.]

When I woke up this morning, the radio was off and Tucker was dragging his ass out of bed since Cara was hollaring at us to come and get her out of her cell room.

After coffee had been drunk and we were all feeling a bit more human, Tucker asked me if I had put the radio in Oliver’s crib.  I thought that was a rather asinine question since who else would have done it?  The dog?  As I was about to explain to Tucker that Sophie [the dog] doesn’t have prehensile thumbs and therefore couldn’t have been the radio placer, Tucker told me that when he came in last night the radio was blaring Mexican music.  Though Oliver hadn’t woken up completely, he apparently hadn’t enjoyed the radio’s choice in music and Tucker had pulled the radio’s plug.

So while I have an almost perfect solution to the dead hair dryer, apparenlty the solution will need to be tweaked since I would prefer my infant son’s dreams to not be populated with mariachi men.