Simon’s Sister’s Dog

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So if you’ve been following me on Twitter then you know that I got a PR pitch of sorts that was addressed to someone else. Way to make a girl feel special, guys.

Since I’ve posted a video before by the Simon’s Cat guy, they figured that I would be interested in publicizing this new video about pet obesity.  Even though the name was wrong and I don’t feel like a special little snowflake, I’m still putting the video on here.  Don’t feed your pets scraps cause it makes them fat and stuff.

There.  I’ve done my community service for the year.


  1. That would be my husband and dog. (but, you already knew that…) 🙄

    Stick Mommys last blog post..Nosy Pediatricians

  2. lol.. i LOVE simon’s cat..

    know what’s funny? of all my animals, the ones who eat the most human foods are the skinniest and the one who never touches anything but cat food, is the fattest. ‘splain that one.

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