He Should Have Been Asleep

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I had just taken Ollie in to go to bed and he wasn’t having it.  His mouth has been giving him fits and I had to bust out the Motrin since he’s well within the minimum weight.

After changing his diaper and attempting to put him to bed, I decided to just keep him up and annoy the shit out of him.  So, that hairy furby thing that keeps going for Ollie’s stomach?  Yeah, that’s my head.  Those noises?  Noises that Oliver found HILARIOUS just seconds before I turned on my laptop’s camera.

I guess Oliver was just too starstruck by himself to be the real Ollie.  There is sound but it’s really, really low so you’ll have to turn up your speakers if you want to hear the canned ham squeal.  [And who doesn’t want to hear a canned ham squeal?]