Avoid Cheap Batteries

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Cara’s in bed and Oliver is on the Boppy on my lap.

The day started with us getting up way too early to meet my aunt, cousin and his family at Cracker Barrel for breakfast.  Next was a trip to Target since we were out of milk and batteries.  Look.  If you see the AA batteries in the dollar aisle at Target WALK THE OTHER WAY.  I tried telling Tucker that the things wouldn’t last 15 minutes in our camera and I was right.  [Take that, Mr. But They Only Cost a Buck!]  The damn things would take ONE picture and then die.

Major pain in my ass.

Wanna know what else is a pain in my ass?  When the heel of my hand hits my mouse pad deal on my laptop and I end up typing 1/2 a sentence in the middle of an unrelated sentence.  Love it when that happens.

Guess we should have done actual grocery shopping while we were out since our 60 degree weather is predicted to turn into 1/4 inch of ice by Tuesday.  Wanna hazard a guess of who will be at the grocery store tomorrow?