On Politics and Twitter

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I generally try to keep religion and politics off of this site since those are two topics that usually cause a lot of arguments and hurt feelings.  Since I’m a big wuss at heart, I try to avoid conflict like I try to avoid the plague [doing good with that so far].  But, having said that, I’ve joined a group on twitter that is for conservatives and I agree with a lot that many in the group seem to think.

However, I’m not 100% far right and it’s hard to explain my stance in 140 characters so I figured that I would lay it out here.

I’m a registered Democrat.  When I was younger [when I registered to vote] I was very socially liberal and did not put too much thought into economics, capitalism or the tax code.  Immigration didn’t even register on my radar.  After a couple of years of college, I married a VERY conservative guy [Tucker – @crazy_n_me on Twitter].  Tucker would describe himself as a Libertarian more than a Republican so I’ll call him a Libertarian as well.

During the time that we dated and now during our marriage, we’ve had hours of conversations about the economy and concerning government and politics.  We watched every single debate – primaries and then the VP and presidential debates.  We discussed them at length.  Over this time, I’ve started to realize that I’m not nearly the Democrat that I thought I was.

I guess if I’m a Democrat of any sort then I would consider myself a Blue Dog Democrat.  While I still consider myself socially liberal [though not as much as I once was] I think that the federal government should be smaller, that more things should be handled by individual states and that the tax system is broken and unfair – to both the poor and the rich.

When I read the bios of some of the people who have chosen to follow me on Twitter, I suspect that they would run in fear [disgust?] if they knew how much of a political ideology mutt I am but I also don’t want my more liberal followers to wrongfully assume that I’m FAR right since that isn’t the case.  Also, I don’t think that the majority of Americans fit under a nice, clean label.  I would suspect that most are just as convoluted with respect to their political ideas as I am.

Maybe you guys didn’t need to know this about me but the point is that I needed to say it.  I’m not attacking anyone so I hope that I won’t be attacked, but if you want to have an intelligent conversation, I’m always up for that.