Burning the Midnight Oil

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Since I got Tucker a job [FPSRantings.com], I find myself fixing images for him in CS4 and schooling him on the ins and outs of WordPress.  Luckily, [for me] he’s a quick study.  Because of all of this schooling, I’ve been busy doing stuff for him instead of writing here.  Can you hear the violins or is that just me?

If you’ve been watching the weather then you know that a lot of the US got blanketed by sleet/freezing rain/general cold, wet shit.  We didn’t miss any of that.  Honestly, I’m 100% fine with the fact that we got freezing rain/sleet.  After living in Jax, FL for four years and having my in-laws send us pictures of snow around this time of year, a little of the white stuff is a welcomed change.  Heck, this is the first time that Sophie has seen anything other than rain and the same goes for Cara.

However, Cara won’t step foot outside.  I open the door, show her the cool white stuff and she smiles, hugs herself and says “BURR!!!”.  Then, she turns her back on the open door and goes to deconstruct something.  Damn kids.

Anyway, I took some pictures last night that I figured I would share with you.


monkey mat White Rig Tucker and lights 2 Sophie and sleet Tucker and lights Hat Hands Sophie and lights