Not That I’m Saying I Told You So…

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I’m yawning so much right now that if I hadn’t been with Tucker when he got fixed then I might worry about being knocked up.  However, I remember more of the procedure than Tucker does [the getting fixed part] so I know the pregnancy thing isn’t an issue.

Maybe it’s the fact that Oliver is teething and has started sleeping in itty bitty chunks.

We got a “noise” CD in for Ollie’s piece of crap radio.  Since the canned ham is sleeping right now, I have to assume that the CD is working a bit better than the AM static.

Tomorrow brings a trip to Millington.

With the military, you have 60 days from a child’s birth to get them enrolled in all of the various government things that are required for said child to be covered under the “sponsor’s” insurance.  I reminded Tucker of this when Oliver was probably a month old and then let it go – not thinking about it again.  Now, I’m not saying I fucking told you so or anything since I’m WAY above that, but we got a bill from the pediatrician’s office today for a hair over $400.

The reason we’re going to Millington is that apparently Tricare wants lots of things – that Tucker either can’t find or doesn’t have –  to prove that Oliver is in fact alive and ours and it’s just easier to drive to the military base to prove the aliveness of our kid.

Maybe I’ll talk Tucker into taking us to the zoo.