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Rambling My Way Through NABLOPOMO

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So since I'm doing this "write a post everyday for December" thing that has a much better name but very hard acronym to remember, I have to write everyday.  Simple enough thought and action until you actually have to do it. I can remember reading other people's posts in months past where they bitch and bitch ...

Ding Dong the Bratz are Dead!

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I listen to about six hours of talk radio a day and that usually means that I hear the news before most do since MOST people are at work and not working in their PJs. I digress. While listening this morning, I heard something that brightened my rather dismal day - Bratz dolls are to be pulled ...

Sick Hummingbird Loses Note

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I hate the Thursday before Tucker leaves for drill weekend.  Somehow we always manage to run out of everything right before he leaves so that we have to scramble around and get groceries and diapers and whatever other random "must have" item we can think of before he leaves.  It's not that I can't go ...

Sitcom Cliché

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Tucker and I are becoming a bad sitcom cliché. Both kids were in bed last night and Tucker and I were on Twitter on opposite ends of the couches.  Tucker brought up the fact that it was nice that both kids were asleep and that we were having some "alone" time.  [You know you're a dork ...

Dismal Participation Leads to Easy Win

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My video game giveaway was a massive fail.  Part of the reason for the lack of participation just might have been the fact that I didn't mention in the actual giveaway just what games I was giving away.  Sure, I mentioned the games in a very recent previous post, but you guys might not have ...