Pizza Dough

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I made pizza dough for the first time and it didn’t kill us.  Woo hoo!

Yesterday I marinated chicken breasts in garlic, salt, red pepper flakes, ground coriander and apple cider vinegar.  They actually marinated overnight since they were frozen but around 3pm yesterday I dried them off and popped them in the oven to bake.  They turned out heavenly and I had two breasts left over.

Tonight I was stuck with the chicken breasts and a hankering for pizza.  So, instead of ordering out like we normally would have done, I made pizza dough and used some left over Newman’s Own Marinara Sauce for the base [LOVE Newman’s Own].  The only cheese I had was cheddar but cheese is cheese.  Right?  At least I didn’t use the plastic wrapped stuff.

Our pizza consisted of the sauce, the cubed chicken breast and cheddar cheese on half and then I added some frozen three colored bell peppers and onions to the other half.  Really yummy.  Trust me on this.

Today has been a pretty decent day.

For some reason, Cara has started sleeping until around 7:30am.  Since that’s about two hours later than she had been sleeping, I find myself waking in about 15 minute intervals and wondering if I should go in and check for breathing.  Maybe she’s finally realized that sleep is good?  I know that since I’ve written this that tomorrow she will be up at the ass crack of dawn.  Guess the run was good while it lasted.

Tucker took a “sample” in to the Urologist today and he called later in the day to find out that he’s “all clear” but he still has to take another sample in to them in a few months.

Also, the Dean of Business apparently has granted Tucker a grade waiver so that Tucker can graduate.  Let me explain.

When Tucker was a young pup, he didn’t want to be at college.  He did a lot of partying w/the fraternity and got a semester of F’s because he missed the withdrawal date by a day.  SO, Tucker had that semester of F’s hanging out on his transcript and that has been completely fucking him even though he transferred back in a really high GPA.  At the end of last semester – what was supposed to be his LAST EVER semester – Tucker was within 2 HUNDRETHS of his department’s requirement to graduate.  Hallelujah for an educator who can appreciate someone who was young and stupid but has learned his lesson.


  1. YAY Tucker! We’re invited to graduation, right??

  2. Jennifer Walker says:

    Still having e-mail problems???

  3. I`m glad that Tucker is getting to graduate!

    Emilys last blog post..Happy New Year

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