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boon-squirtThe time has come in Oliver’s very short life that he MUST EAT PEOPLE FOOD!  [My kids are big on the dramatics.]  He’s almost five months old, is crawling and can sit by himself for short periods of time so I figured, “What the hell”.

Cara was fed rather unconventional things from an early age.  I was/am no fan of commercially available baby food so I made my own.  It’s ridiculously easy to make a serving or two extra of whatever you’re cooking and then toss the stuff in a food mill.  Freeze the mush in ice cube trays and you’re good to go.

With Cara, I can’t really remember buying her any baby spoons or bowls.  I’m pretty sure we just used what we had in the silverware drawer.

Now that I have another small human to feed, I’ve been on the lookout for feeding things that wouldn’t be a pain in my ass to use and that didn’t cost an arm and a leg.  When we were at Target, I picked up one of Boon’s Squirts.  I went into it with the expectation that if it sucked then I had only spent a few dollars and I would know better next time.  Luckily, I wasn’t disappointed.

We have Boon’s Frogpod and we LOVE the thing and I guess that now I can add the Squirt to my list of Boon products that I can’t get enough of.

I mixed up Ollie’s bananas, oatmeal and boob milk.  Spooned the stuff into the orange reservoir [that’s a great word] and then screwed the spoon part on.  The gross looking mixture flowed into the spoon when I gave the orange part a squeeze and Ollie was the happiest four month old in three counties.

You know I like it if I dedicated an entire freakin’ blog post to it.


  1. Okay, but you DO have to admit that it looks rather like a… ummmmm… let’s just say a “personal massage tool” 😉

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