Ollie’s Sick

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My “sunshine boy” has been sick for about a month.

It’s nothing major, just a snotty nose that won’t go a way with a dry cough.  But, the point is that it won’t go away.  Every morning he wakes up with snot running down his face and I kiss him [even with the snot] and even though he’s woken me up three or four times during the night, he still makes me smile.

We took him to see his pediatrician yesterday since he wasn’t getting any better and he was prescribed Prednisone and Amoxicillin.  We were told to give the Prednisone and the Benadryl [which he’s been on for about a week] and if the drainage didn’t improve or got worse then we should start the Amoxicillin.

The pharmacist told us that if we didn’t start the Amoxicillin within two days of filling the script then the meds would “go bad” before Oliver was able to get the entire prescribed dosage so she suggested that we go ahead and start the Amoxicillin. She asked us if we wanted to flavor Ollie’s meds and when I was looking over the list of flavors, I couldn’t help but think, “hmm…there’s no boob flavor…I wonder what he would like?”  I went with banana since that’s what he’s been eating with his cereal and of course he HATES it.

He had his first dose of Amoxicillin last night and he slept better than he has in a month.

This morning, he woke up a very happy boy with a dry nose and I gave him his Amoxicillin and Benadryl and he and I played on the bed for a few minutes.  About ten minutes after his meds, I noticed that his eyebrows were looking red and puffy.  Then I noticed that his entire head was turning bright red and was hot to the touch.

Apparently, my sunshine boy was having an allergic reaction to Amoxicillin.  His airways weren’t compromised and he was happily oblivious to the fact that he was turning a frightening shade of red.

When I called his pediatrician, the nurse chastised us for giving the Amoxicillin right away and not waiting “a couple of days like the chart said”.  I felt like a schmuck and was angry since the nurse was getting on to me for not following instructions that hadn’t been very clear and she seemed to miss the very important fact that Oliver was turning red and was swollen.

In the end, it was decided that we should stop the Amoxicillin [duh!] and keep giving the Prednisone and if he didn’t improve then they would “call something in for him”.

All day he’s been such a fucking happy baby and never once did he seem to realize that he could have had a really bad reaction to the medicine that was supposed to make him better.

Now, if only they had had “boob flavor” for the Prednisone.


  1. Sometimes, Doc’s are just a pain in the you know what! Sorry to hear about the reaction….that is never fun at all! Happens way to often for us and lil boo. That is mean though, picking out banana flavor 😈 the lil guy doesn’t like it…how about grape boob or strawberry boob….banana boob….just isn’t right. 😆 Hopefully the lil one gets better soon!

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