Steroid and a Sponsor

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I, for one, am VERY glad that Ollie’s course of Prednisone is over tomorrow morning.

It’s not that it made him crazy emotional or overly excited but it was just a pain in the ass to get him to take it.  I had to get a cube of smooshed up banana out of the freezer, add some boob milk, add the Prednisone and then some oatmeal to thicken the whole mess up so that it wasn’t the consistency of thick water.  But, I had to also insure that I hadn’t added so much banana, milk and cereal so that the kid would get bored of it all and not consume all of the Prednisone mixture.

Oh, the challenges of motherhood.

I think one of the reasons that I have my knickers all in a bunch [yes, I did just type that] is that the Prednisone didn’t really seem to do a damn bit of good.  The Prednisone seemed to make his runny nose worse so I had to dose him more often with Benadryl since the poor kid couldn’t nurse/eat and breath at the same time and now we’ve gone from just having a generally gross, snot crusted nose to having a snotty nose plus chest congestion.  I’m half concerned that the kid’s going to develop pneumonia before all of this is said and done.

On a positive note, the weird patches of eczema that Oliver has on his legs have seemed to be helped by the Prednisone…or maybe they’re just grossed out by the snotty nose?  Also, Ollie hasn’t run a fever so we do have that on our side.

His four month [though he’ll be five months] check-up is later this month but I have no intention of letting this linger that long.  If he’s not noticeably better by Friday then I’m going to call his pediatrician back and have her call him in an antibiotic. [Not amoxicillin.]  Generally, a viral infection comes and goes rather quickly.  If it’s bacterial then it tends to linger and this shit has been lingering for a bit too long for my liking.

Cara’s been a trooper through it all.

She stayed with my mom Saturday night since Tucker was at drill and I was having a very rough time of it with Ollie being sick.

Cara has been getting Ollie tissues to dry his nose and then she proceeds to dry her nose, my nose and the dog’s nose.  So, everyone gets Ollie snot.  Yippee!

Both kids are in bed right now and I have given myself the task of making Tucker a new Twitter background.  I found a really cool “skinny piggy bank” picture and I’m going to use that along with Tucker’s contact info and basic resume stuff to make him a Twitter resume of sorts.  He’s been working his ass off to find a job and I know that it’s driving him crazy that he finally has a degree but now can’t find a job.

Tucker’s smart, hard working, dedicated and a damn good worker who could bring all kinds of insight to just about any company.  I know that a job is out there for him-he just has to find it.

On that same thread, I’m looking for a sponsor to BlogHer ’09.  Tucker, the kids, and I would be driving to Chicago so the cost would be relatively low and I’m all about some “live Tweeting” and blogging so if you know of some company who would like to sponsor me then shoot them my contact info.

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  1. um, should that be “steroid” in the post title? I knew what you meant, but just checking 🙂

    I hope to see you at BlogHer this summer!

    • ACK! You’re the first one to say anything about it [THANK YOU!] and it has been fixed. 😳

      I obviously need spell check for my titles, too. 😆

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